Our Mission is to connect with local interested voters and communities to allow our voices to be heard regarding critical issues like election integrity, our schools and the preservation of our freedoms, our American way of life.


We will take responsibility measures to protect and preserve the constitution, the country, liberty and our freedom.


We do not apologize for our different ethnic descents, religious beliefs or backgrounds.

We are in favor of protesting the continued and expanding Anti-American “indoctrination” of our youth through our schools and educational systems.

We are for smaller government, less regulation and more individual freedoms to achieve the American dream. We are Pro Family.

We value the importance that immigration played in building our country but believe in secure borders and legal immigration.

We are Patriotic! We are proud of our founding fathers, country, military, police, first responders and our flag.

The People of True American Patriot Alliance are proud respectful Americans who will not remain silent on issues where our voice should be heard.